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The Edge of Vision

Last night at the Aperture gallery, JL books hosted an opening night party for three of their new releases by Corin Hewitt, Bertrand Fleuret and Michael Schmelling. Corin Hewitt was present, working on a still-life-photography-as-performance-art projected to the sounds of ambient techno! It felt kind of like an art rave or something. Anyway, the real discovery for me was another of the JL books by Jason Fulford, entitled Crushed, and for $25 i took a copy home with me! It is a really beautiful little book (in fact all of the JL books are quite petite for photography books) and while the images have this yellowish hue, looking like it could have been photographed in the early 70′s, most of the work was produced between 1999 and 2001.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that Aperture’s exhibition The Edge of Vision was also still on display. The collection got me thinking about the abstract potential of photography, being that it is most often such a literal medium. But it is really not much of a stretch at all, considering how an early innovator like Edward Weston* with his semi-abstract landscapes and still lives, forced you to pause, if only for a moment, to reconsider what it is that you are seeing in a photograph. Since the jury is still out on whether or not I’ll be posting the copyrighted work of others on this blog, I thought I’d dig into the archive and share an abstraction of my own, even though it is really just cross-processed and out of focus. Enjoy.

Untitled (barrier) 2008

* As a side note, i just read yesterday that James Danziger is working on what he describes as a revisionist approach to showing Edward Weston for his gallery Danziger Projects. Exciting!

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